For starters, the security camera came in great, easy-open packaging. It’s a minor thing but being able to easily open a package without a razor knife and dynamite are important to me.

The unit came complete with everything I needed (V200 LTE camera w/solar panel, steel security box, 12-volt adapter, tree strap, and SD card for video) and was simple to power up and connect. I downloaded and installed the app on my iPhone 11 Pro without any issues. You do need a monthly subscription to view the pictures on the Vosker app/web portal. There is a basic free option and there are three other, affordable options to choose from depending on how you plan to use your 4G/LTE Vosker V200.

The onboard user interface (as well as the app and website) are easy to navigate. It was up and running in a matter of minutes. The camera itself has an internal battery that is kept charged by the solar panel. It also has eight AA batteries to aid during extended periods of low light.

This unit is packed full of features. Photos, time-lapse, and video are all customizable to fit your application. It is also IR capable for night use, 100% weatherproof, sound capable (LTE version), and GPS trackable. A 100-foot detection range allows you to place it safely and discreetly if needed. You can set it to multi-shot so that it takes two photos upon activation. All photos can be viewed via the web portal or your app. You need to view the videos from the camera, or remove the SD card and view them on a computer. If you are using the camera for video security, you can set the unit to take a picture at the beginning of the video. That allows you to immediately see what activated the camera, so you can decide whether you need to view the video. The unit has technology built-in (Vosker Sense image recognition) to recognize the difference between a human and a vehicle. To conserve battery and data (if you choose a limited subscription), you can even set it to be operational only certain days of the week or hours during the day.

In addition to security, one application I tested it for was monitoring one of my remote job sites. Mounted securely in the steel housing, the camera faces the front of the job site. This does a few things. Aside from the basic security against theft, I know as soon as my guys pull up on the job. Handy information. And from a business and marketing standpoint, I sent the web portal login to my client, who lives out of town. He’s able to log in and see the progress.

I would like to see one option added. Currently, it snaps a picture only when it is activated by movement or at a scheduled time. It could be useful to be able to remotely, via the app, snap a picture so you could see at any given time even if there is no movement. Say, for instance, you needed to see what vehicles are on a job site or someone reported something to you.

I have a work trailer that I frequently leave on job sites that I have multiple security devices on. I currently have the camera mounted on the front of my trailer at the roofline monitoring hitch connection. Yes, potential thieves can see it, but it can see them too. If someone destroys or steals it, I have a picture of them and possibly their license plate. The GPS tracking on the camera and on my trailer puts the odds in my favor for a recovery.

If someone wants to steal something badly enough they will find a way. But the Vosker V200 Security Camera makes it more likely that they will not get away without being caught.

So I have one question for you: What’s the security of your job site, work trailer, cabin, boat, and so on worth to you? While this setup costs approximately $650—Vosker has a camera for $300 and a whole host of other power and battery options—I think it’s a small investment for a large amount of peace of mind.

Hands down, 5 out of 5 stars!

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