Canal Street circa 1970's
Matthew "Matty" Governali having a smoke break.

Our Journey

Canal Alarm began in 1973 with two guys, a stack of burglar alarms, and a shop in New York City. Our roots were humble, and we've grown since then, but our vision is still clear: to provide the best security gear—and to be the best at doing it.

Even though we command a global reach, Canal Alarm retains the feel of a small, neighborhood mom-and-pop shop. We are a proud, family-owned business built on honesty and treating people right.

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Our Values

Principles Over Profits

Our core principles reflect our commitment to striving for excellence, fostering innovation and creativity, and promoting an environment of respect and inclusion both within our team and towards our valued customers.

A flatlay featuring a vintage boombox and various audio accessories

Innovation & Creativity

A vintage-looking speaker on a desk.

Strive for Excellence

A yound woman playing video games.

Respect & Inclusion

Zaib helping customers behind the counter.

Our Services

Our project registration and systems design services enable you to save time and money. Our knowledgeable team members have an average of 20 years of industry experience, and we have experts for every category and application. We work to solve your product and design challenges at every interaction, alleviating your workload and making installations easier and more efficient.

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Our Team

Offering memorable care and seamless experiences starts with great people. Our trusted advisors provide the right help at the right time with dedicated support that exceeds expectations. We consistently listen to our customers, understand their challenges, and do our best to solve them.

Team photo in the Hudson Valley, New York
Vidlogix vacation in California
Vidlogix vacation in Lake Tahoe, California
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Vidlogix vacation in Colorado.
Vidlogix vacation in Aspen, Colorado.
Vidlogix vacation in Hawaii.

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This is my third home stereo purchase from Canal Alarm in the past few years. The website has all the...

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Specialist was friendly and helpful. In addition, they were quick to find answers to my questions. Grateful to have...

— Rick

Customer service was great as always. This is probably the fourth purchase I've made from Canal Alarm...

— BillR