Smart technology has finally come to your outdoor lighting. With Ring Smart Lighting, you can instantly enhance security around your home while also improving your home's convenience, appearance, and safety. Ring Smart Lighting includes a number of different lighting components that can be connected to a single smart system with both motion-detection and scheduling capabilities.

Control your lighting through voice commands. Set up a secure, motion-detecting perimeter around your home. Connect your landscape lighting through a single solution. And handle it all through Amazon's Alexa.

You can start building your Ring of Security today.

Protect Your Home With Ring Smart Lighting

Ring Smart Lighting creates a barrier of light around your home. With motion-activated spotlights, you can illuminate any oncoming threats: whether it's a suspicious stranger approaching your house or a mischievous raccoon rummaging through your trash. You can control these lights from anywhere, through your smart home device or your smartphone, providing advanced security even when you're out.

An easy-to-install network of outdoor, motion-sensing lights, Ring Smart Lighting components will work together to illuminate the dark areas around your home. You can control each light individually or all at once, with a system that can be easily scheduled and programmed. Additionally, your Ring Lighting system can let you know when motion has been detected, sending you automated alerts.

Whether you're at home or on vacation hundreds of miles away, you can look at your Ring cameras to check on your home. Turn your lights on and off based on where they are (individually or by zone) to get a better look at your surroundings — or make sure that any unwanted guests are spooked away.

Home security is important not only to protect your family but also to protect your possessions. With the advanced functions provided through Ring's smart lighting, you can make sure that your family and your home are both well-protected. There's nothing that discourages thieves like a well-lit property —especially when those lights respond to their presence and movement.

Complete Integration With the Ring Ecosystem

Bring together the entire Ring ecosystem in your smart home. Your Ring lights will also integrate with your Ring Doorbells and Cams to initiate recording when motion is detected, further strengthening your Ring of Security. Whether you want to connect all of your security solutions or you want to slowly build up your ecosystem over time, Ring can make it possible.

You can control the entire Ring ecosystem through a single app, activating and monitoring your cameras, doorbells, and lights on the fly. Turn on your exterior lights to see someone at your door better — or start recording with your cameras when motion is detected. Together, your Ring technology will provide easy-to-use, all-in-one functionality while improving your security.

You have a number of options to choose from when it comes to lights and cameras, so you can tailor your smart features to your smart home. Ring is constantly adding new products to its line up, making it possible for your home to keep evolving.

Turn Non-Ring Lights Into Smart Lights With the Ring Bridge

Already have landscape lighting? With the Ring Transformer and Ring Bridge, you can turn non-Ring lights into smart lights. Your entire landscape lighting system can be controlled through a single application, adding functionality throughout your home and making it easier to manage everything from a single dashboard.

With the right technology, you can automatically turn on all your lights through a motion detector, or schedule your lights to turn on and off depending on the time of day. Create path lights that illuminate every step and spotlights that alert you when motion is detected. Not only can you save electricity, but you can also improve the safety of your home.

Whether you want to connect all of your exterior lamps to a single system or you just want to be able to control the ambient lighting around your patio, Ring makes the process simple. And through the Ring app, you can group different lights together, so you can control different zones of your house at any given time.

Easy to Install, Easier to Use

Ring devices are designed to be easy to install with minimal tools. You can install and adjust your Ring lights within a matter of minutes. Not only that, but their modern housing makes them an attractive fixture for any home. Ring lights can be used in practically any location, from around the paths leading to your property to the steps in your backyard deck.

Once you've finished installing your Ring devices, you'll find them even easier to use. Everything is controlled through the Ring application, which will connect directly to all of your devices through a WiFi connection. You can instantly view the status of all your Ring devices, whether they're connected, and whether they're on. Check your cameras, look at your doorbell, and (of course) turn on the lights.

Your motion-activated lights will be able to alert you any time someone is outside of your home — or be able to guide you safely in when you approach. And since your lights don't need to be on all the time, you can reduce the amount of electricity you use.

Reduce Accidents With Step Lights and Spotlights

From backyard to frontyard, Ring lights can be used to enhance the appearance of your home while also reducing the chances for accidents. Ring lights come in a number of attractive formats, including step lights, path lights, and spotlights. There are a variety of lights that you can use in any location, in addition to connecting other landscape lights into the system.

With their superb motion-detection features, Ring path lights and step lights can improve the safety of your exterior. Never fumble for a switch again or trip in the dark: You'll find your path safely illuminated once your movement is detected.

Imagine turning on and off your lights from your smartphone while you enjoy your backyard living space or approach the front of your home. These features and more are provided through Ring smart lighting.

Alexa, Please Turn on the Light

In addition to all of the other remarkable features available through the Ring application, Ring lights can also connect directly through Alexa. If you have a smart device in your home, you can use it to control your lights through voice commands.

Ask Alexa to turn on your backyard lights, turn off all the lights around the house, or alert you when motion is detected. Alexa integrates into the Ring ecosystem, so you can also direct Alexa to play a sound when the doorbell is rung, or turn lights on when someone is at the door. It's not just lighting: it's whole house security.

The Convenience You Want and the Security You Need With Smart Outdoor Lighting

Now that smart security has finally come to light, it's possible to use smart home automation to secure every area of your home. Turn on security cameras when someone approaches your driveway, illuminate the exterior of your home only during certain hours, and control your lights on-the-fly from work or on vacation. From interior to exterior, the Ring ecosystem can provide state-of-the-art protection.

Ring Smart Lighting provides new and exciting opportunities for homeowners who want to improve upon their home automation. From floodlights to post lights, you can begin controlling your exterior lighting features now — in addition to being able to check on your lighting, cameras, and doorbell from wherever you are.

To get started on your Ring of Security today, contact the experts at Canal Alarm.

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