Why You Should Invest In An Extended Warranty

Accidents happen all the time. However, it’s unlikely that the 1-year limited warranty on your brand-spanking-new digital camera will cover the damages caused when your friend spills a beer all over it at your Fourth of July party.

Fortunately, many insurers underwrite and administer extended warranties that do cover damages resulting from accidental handling. In most cases though, the option to purchase additional coverage is left to the discretion of the consumer. When given the option, it’s always a good idea to invest in extended protection. Here are a handful of reasons why:

Americans spend a lot of money on damages to their things — too much money.

Since 2007, Americans have spent more than $10.7 billion out of their own pockets to cover damages to their iPhones alone. That is $10.7 billion in damages that could have been covered by an extended warranty.

Shoppers that invest in product protection are more satisfied with their purchases.

In a recent survey of people who reported they had purchased various appliances and technology products in the last 12 months, participants who purchased product protection reported higher satisfaction with their purchases than did their coverage-less counterparts. Shoppers can enjoy a greater sense of security when they invest in an extended warranty and are therefore more likely to feel better about the product they purchased.

So you’re convinced of the value of an extended warranty, but how does one buy one? Purchasing a Canal Alarm extended warranty takes just a few clicks. There’s no hassle, nothing to sign, nothing to mail in - simply select the term length of the warranty and proceed to checkout. We'll automatically match the right service contract with the right product.

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